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IA Pro (Single inspector account)

The Claim Leader IA Pro account helps IAs focus on
inspections and appraisals and manage associated duties.

  • Merge all Claim Leader log in accounts into one.
  • Receive and manage all incoming assignments.
  • Schedule and inspect using the mobile app.
  • Upload files directly from the field.
  • Status updates

Management Pro

Manage your business conveniently and efficiently. The Claim Leader Management Pro helps you run and optimize your entire operations from the office to the field, whether scheduling, dispatching, or reviewing work products before submission. Inspection and appraisal companies running on this modern, all-in-one software will gain newfound visibility into their finances, improved accountability, and enhanced control over their field operations.

Keeping every assignment synced among office staff or field operators is critical to driving customer success. The platform supports uploading photos and video documentation directly from the field, with update notices delivered to the admin’s dashboard, ensuring that all relevant personnel is kept up to date.

  • Enforce industry best practices in every service experience to improve outcomes.
  • Know how your business is doing anywhere, anytime, and in real time.
  • Be notified when important events happen, like an assignment going unstatused for days or when a critical milestone was not met during the phase of the operation/assignment.

Catastrophic Solutions

Leverage all the benefits of the Claim Leader Management Pro with Drive-In Solutions enabled.

Types of services and claims managed in Claim Leader Catastrophic Solutions include:
  • Drive-Thru appointment scheduling
  • Hailstorms
  • Hurricanes and Tropical Storms
  • Floods
  • Wildfires
  • Earthquakes

Schedule UNLIMITED drive-in appointments in seconds, not days.

Inside the Claim Leader user interface, admin can schedule Catastrophic inspections anywhere, with predetermined hours of operation and numbers of visitors allowed.

System will auto-generate text messages with scheduler link to schedule hundreds of appointments in a matter of seconds.

Real-time interactive calendar display of appointments for each time slot within the Claim Leader application.

Users can enter data, upload images and video directly from the field utilizing the CL field app.

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