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We have built a state-of-the art, stable system to minimize the disruptions to your processes. Our data center is a carrier class facility with on-site, redundant power systems, back-up power generation, redundant HVAC systems, raised floors and an automated FM-200 fire suppression system. Our network is equally reliable. We use multiple Tier-1 carriers with redundant, high performance circuits and we manage bandwidth through redundant routers using BGP4 for automated fail-over. Both our facility and the network are carefully monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure constant application availability for our customers.


Your data is always under our watchful eye. Biometric laser hand scanners control physical access to our data center facility. Hardware is housed in secure cabinets, and no one person is allowed to access it on their own. Our site protects you electronically with 120-bit SSL encryption, redundant firewalls, virus monitoring, intrusion detection and regular security audits.