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Claim Leader Insurance WorkFlow


Claim Leader Insurance WorkFlow enables your claims department to be in full control of the appraisal management process. Claims can be dispatched to staff appraisers or partnered appraisal companies for processing. Inside claim adjusters can view/manage their assigned claims within their Claim Leader dashboard. Claim Leader Insurance WorkFlow allows your company to streamline and standardize your claims handling. Our products are configured to fit your process, resulting in more efficient claims processing.

Features Include:

Assignments Dispatch
Claim Leader Insurance WorkFlow enables your claims department to dispatch assignments to field appraisers or partnered organizations for appraisal handling. Assignments are dispatched based off nearest mileage proximity and workload count for a more efficient cycle time.

Status Communication
Communicate with field staff or IA companies within Claim Leader to effectively monitor assignment messages. Complete view of history of all messages exchanged. Submit messages to auto repairs facilities or policy holders via email within the system.

Appraiser Files Upload
Appraisal files and inspection photos can easily be uploaded and shared for review.

Mapping Tool
Mapping tool enables users to view a map of pending claims and locations of field staff. Ability to choose multiple assignments based off location and assign to a specific field user for appraisal processing.

Vendor Pay Reports
Run pay reports for partnered organizations.

Re-open completed assignments for supplements. Original appraiser or appraisal company will automatically be notified via email of new pending supplement. Includes feature to add new repair facility information for each supplement when re-opened.

Performance Reports
Run performance reports to track cycle time, assignments count, insurance statistics.

Adding Appraisers to your Network
Simply create an account for new users within Claim Leader. Each account will include a unique username and password for field users to access their portal in Claim Leader.

EMS Module
Claim Leaders EMS module allows to uncover hidden inefficiencies throughout the appraisal claims process. EMS reports can be customized to provide data based off individual appraiser or vendor network partners appraisals. You may run EMS reports to analyze the following:

• Severity- Average severity on appraisals and supplements
• Parts Usage – LKQ, Aftermarket, OEM, Reconditioned
• Loss- Repairable vs. Total Loss ratio
• Cycle Time- Initial inspections and supplements
• Point of Impact reports
• Labor Usage- Body, Frame, Glass, Mechanical, Refinish