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Claim Leader IA WorkFlow


Claim Leader IA WorkFlow is your solution in managing your independent auto damage appraisal companies day to day operations. By linking your office staff with field appraisers in one integrated web platform, Claim Leader tracks the claims process from start to finish.

Features Include:

Assignments Dispatch
Claim Leader will allow you to dispatch assignments to field appraisers based on mileage proximity and number of assignments count each appraiser has pending. This will allow for a more efficient cycle time turn around.

Status Communication
Communicate with field staff within Claim Leader to effectively monitor assignment messages. Complete view of history of all messages exchanged. Submit the status message through the system via email to client.

Appraiser Files Upload
Appraiser can upload multiple files instantly. All file types accepted.

Final Report as PDF
After auditing files of a claim. You may simply create a single pdf file to include all appraisal reports and photos on a single pdf document. Download the pdf file or choose to submit the pdf file through the system via email.

Appraisers Payroll
Complete appraiser payroll reports to effectively track and print reports for accurate payments to field staff.

Invoicing and accounts receivable management.

Re-open completed assignments as supplements. Appraiser will automatically be notified via email of new pending supplement. Includes feature to add new repair facility information for each supplement when re-opened.

Performance Reports
Run performance reports to track appraiser cycle time, assignments count, insurance statistics.

Adding Appraisers to your Network
Adding field staff has never been easier. Simply create an account for new appraisers within Claim Leader. Each account will include appraiser’s information along with ability to create a unique username and password for field appraisers to access their portal in Claim Leader.